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Yoga is such a personal journey for everyone. I am not here to "force" my yoga on you. My goal is to create a safe environment where you can tap into some of the more subtle and unique qualities going on inside your body.

There's a constant "noise" happening both in the outside world and inside our minds. Expectations, responsibilities and voices leading us one way or another. The chatter can be deafening and even paralyzing sometimes. It certainly has been for me but I am convinced when we slow down, move our bodies, take a breath and quiet the mind, we have the potential for peace, solitude and even lifelong change.

This isn't some fake promise, a drug or some weird magical spell I'm talking about. It's yoga. Breath and movement. We deserve to feel good in our bodies and there's nothing quite like feeling comfortable in our own skin.

My classes are going to challenge you physically with dynamic flow sequences and long holds. There can be a seriousness that surrounds yoga so I try my best to also add some levity in class. As a DJ and musician, I also believe music can be a vital component which is why I'll create playlists ideal for a fun and inspiring yoga class.

If you’re looking for a session to build strength and stamina or if you want a private session catered towards your own personal health issues, I'd be honored to be a part of your yoga practice.

Private & Group Classes

If you're interested in private instruction,
email me for rates and availability.

Group and private classes are a great way to learn the basics and advance your practice with one-on-one attention to fit your needs, in home, or in an outdoor space.
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Photo of Eddie Cohn


(310) 384-9325
Each week I hand pick the music I play in class making each class have its own musical vibe. Listen here or follow me on Spotify.

If you have any questions about your yoga journey, don't hesitate to contact me here.

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